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Rock and roll icons

Typo has yet another really cool feature (no big surprise there) that allows you to upload things directly within the admin site. Surfing around a while back I found this picture from Australia’s Big Day Out in 1993, and it’s a great one.

So you have Tex Perkins (Beasts of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea and sometime Bad Seed), Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Iggy Pop (Iggy Pop and the Stooges) and Nick Cave (Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Some incredible garage, punk, noise artists all in one picture. I was just listening to Beasts of Bourbon on my way in today. All together now, “I buy a leather jacket so I look real tough / All the little girls will think I’m tough / I spend my time playing pool / That’s how I’m gonna be so cool / Because / I’m a drop out”