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Got another PayPay phishing email today, my filters caught it no problem, so now let’s pollute their database of username and passwords. Here’s the direct link to the Phishfighting page that will flood the phisher’s site with bogus usernames and passwords. If you’re using Firefox I recommend center clicking on the link 5 times (or more) and leave those tabs open for a day (or more). Have fun.

UPDATE: yep, after leaving it there all day while I was out I return to see the link throwing a 503 - server unavailable. Sweet. Don’t let that stop you, there are plenty more: here’s a fake eBay one, and a fake PayPay one. Also, I’m flattered that PhishFighting has a quote of mine “After a good defense we need a good offense - fak3r.com” in the left column on the front page.