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Still I long for your kiss

go find a jukebox, and see what a quarter will do…” Even though I spent most of my time listening to indie/punk bands while there, since leaving Austin (almost a year ago now, damn) my warmest memories of living there are brought back by the music of Lucinda Williams. Recently I’ve been listening not only to her recent double-live cd release but her last 4 cds, and it all ages so gracefully. Now Austin City Limits has released one of her appearances from the 2001/Car Wheels on Gravel Road era. You can watch her do Still I Long for Your Kiss (mislabeled as Greenville, but…) in QuickTime. She’s great, and from pictures from her appearance at ACL 2005 I noticed her new tattoo, which looks awesome…makes me wonder why my right arm looks so blank… And for the record, I have the cd single for “Passionate Kisses” that I bought after seeing the video on 120 Minutes (yes, it used to be a great show), and this was back in 88 or 89! So while I haven’t been the most consistent Lu fan over the years, call me a recent fan at your peril.