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Live Yeah, Yeah, Yeah stream

UPDATE: As before, NPR did release it as one big mp3 after the show! Grab it here: Yeah Yeah Yeahs live at the 9:30 club in DC - April 3, 2006, because your iPod needs to be fed.

NPR has been sponsoring a bunch of great indie concerts and archieving them on their site for all to hear later. Sure most are Real Audio, but they used to have a mp3 version of an entire Bloc Party show. Anyway tonight (well 9PM EST) they’re streaming a show by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs at the 930 Club in DC. The page with the show is here, and they should have a link up to just stream it after the fact. Nice stuff, I really dug their first disc, “Fever to Tell”, as I said in my ‘Best of 2003’ review, “Yeah, While this may not be the album that saves rock and roll, it’s still a damn fun release. Their minimalistic punk sound is a refreshing look forward and back at the same time. Plus, put their song “Maps” up for single of the year.” I’m still on the fence (but leaning) about getting tickets for their upcoming St. Louis appearance.