A Picasso sells for $95M

The second highest price ever paid for a painting occurred earlier this week, a portrait by Pablo Picasso of his longtime companion Dora Maar sold for $95.2 Million. ”Picasso painted Maar many times during their nine-year affair, which began in 1936 when she was making a name for herself as a surrealist photographer. The pair quickly became lovers, Maar remaining close to Picasso throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s and assisting with several of his works, including the monumental mural Guernica. Dora Maar au Chat was completed in 1941, a few years before the couple separated, and was described by Sotheby’s as being among the most spectacular of all Picasso’s portraits of Maar, depicting her seated in a chair with a small cat perched on the back.” Guernica has long been a favorite piece by Picasso, so it’s always interesting to hear more background of its creation. That Ms Maar had a hand it in only makes this purchase more interesting…to me at least.