Study: video games good for kids

MarioIt’s an ongoing debate, but a recent study in the UK downplays link of video games to violence. ”_Playing computer games may actually be good for children, according to a government study that found no proof that even violent games triggered aggressive behaviour. The games can improve children’s decision-making and instill ‘positive learning traits’, some research suggests. At least one study argues that make-believe violence helps children ‘conquer fears and develop a sense of identity’, as gruesome fairy-tales once did. … The review concluded fears about violent games reflected deeper social concerns about ‘the changing nature of childhood in a modern world’. Most research suggesting a link came from America and did not take into account the context in which children played_” I have to agree with this, as I’ve grown up playing games, and loved playing online first person shooters (like my beloved Quake II) without any (diagnosed at least) ill effects. For now my kids are getting into playing the Mario Kart (racing), Mario Strikers (soccer), Mario dance, dance, revolution (you have to dance on a big mat to compete), along with snow boarding and other adventure games. Nintendo knows what it’s doing; you don’t need violence to have a fun game.