Why I love Speakeasy

SpeakeasyMy ISP is Speakeasy a small one located in Seattle. They don’t have 12.99$/month deals for the first 6 months, they have reasonable rates (the basic package that is likely analogous to what most people have is 49.95$ month) and excellent service. Yes, anytime I tell folks I pay ~70$/month for DSL they can’t believe it, but I don’t have a default package and I get great support for nothing extra. My server runs FreeBSD on a static IP at home, hosts 5 different domains, runs it’s own DNS caching server, is a IM chat server (jabber), is an email server for 3 people (and it’s the primary one for me) so it has to work 247 - or else I’m working on it. So occasionally I have issues that I need Speakeasy to solve or answer; that’s when the magic happens. Call them 247…and someone answers on the 2nd or 3rd ring. So that’s cool, but that’s not the coolest part, see, the person you talk to FIXES YOUR PROBLEM. They don’t pass you off to 3 different departments (I’m looking at you SBC Global / ATT)) and they never freak out if I mention that I run OS X / Linux and FreeBSD at home; they understand that it’s all networking and it doesn’t matter what client you’re using. So today I had a request for them to set something up on my network. When you run a mail server you need to have Reverse-DNS setup, which is something some other email servers will check when you send email to gauge if you’re a spammer or not. Basically it’s another way to show other servers that you can trust that you aren’t some fly-by-night (Rush?) yahoo running his own mail server to send out 10,000 emails a minute. So I shoot off the request on their online ticketing system at 2006-06-21 07:20:54, I check my email and immediately get a notice that the ticket was received and been assigned. A few minutes later I get another email with the same title, so I knew it was related to my issue, stating, “I have made the changes to your RDNS. These changes will take 2-4 hours to propagate”. The time stamp on this on was 2006-06-21 07:23:24. So it took them 2 minutes and 30 seconds to assign my request (likely done automatically), read my request, take action by entering the IP info into the appropriate router, and write/send the reply. What the hell? How much do these people rock? In my approximation, tons, many tons. I tell everyone who is serious about hosting (or just having a reliable and very well supported DSL service for any platform) to go to Speakeasy.

You can check for availability to see if you can get Speakeasy where you live, take a look at their nationwide network, see near realtime (updated every 15 minutes) pings that give the latency between each of their POPs or test the speed of your current connection. Recently we’ve cut over to their VoIP service for our home phones, and at the same time switched to their ‘one link’ service which cuts SBC/ATT out of the loop completely. My signal goes from my house to Speakeasy hardware, so to be able to bypass the monopoly that I had to put up with for so many years feels great.