Anthony White - The Money Series

$US17Like all good artists, it seems that Anthony White has found a niche, with no end in sight to the interest (pun intended) of his works. From the artist’s statement, “_I’ve been producing and selling the Money Series for over two years. I sell the paintings for the money amount printed on the canvas. I work in Australian Dollars, US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. The Money Series started at $US1/$AU1/₤1/€1 and continues up in $US1/$AU1/₤1/€1 $US47increments. When I sell one painting in the series I then put the next painting in the series up for sale. That is, last painting sold + $US1/$AU1/₤1/€1 depending on the series. Some people have made good profits from buying my artwork. Nobody who has bought my artwork has ever lost money when it comes to reselling my work. Not too many artists can say that. You can read about this at the art exchange_.” This is just crazy fun, and what a great idea. Here I am trying to find new ways/textures to paint with so I don’t duplicate things, and here it’s a new subject each time… Damn you Anthony! ;)