DEFCON 14? That's approved

vegas-sign.jpgIn a late development, I will be attending DEFCON 14 in Las Vegas August 4-6. DEFCON (started in 1993) is one of the oldest continuous running hacker conventions around, and also one of the largest. I’m meeting some old geek friends (for now known only as Thing1 and Thing2) that I got to know in the great state of Texas (mostly while in the great state of inebriation); and attending plenty of talks/presentations on all things hack/security/geek/etc. Looking forward to learning some in-depth security from people in the know; stuff outside of what is generally available to the general public as it were. Also on the agenda, reminiscing, drinking, eating, not sleeping much and laughing. I’ll have a report on relevant events and topics along with a censored Flickr slide-show for all those Web 2.0 kids to link to soon after the fun.