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Ultimate Ubuntu eye-candy with Xgl and Compiz

Back a few months I installed Compwiz/Xgl, (developed by Novell) on Ubuntu. While it was still really new, I liked using it and was looking forward to seeing how it progressed. Well, it’s progressed quite well, and now I’ve found a simple (and easy to back) way to install and run Compwiz on Ubuntu 6.06. If you haven’t heard about it, Compwiz is, “An OpenGL powered desktop, Composite, OS X-rivalling effects”, which just means it makes using your desktop a blast, and more productive, which I agree with. For an illistration checkout this video and these screenshots for the fun, but wait until you use it. While it looks like fluf, this is far more useful than any ‘eye-candy’ I’ve ever seen. Mark this on my ‘todo’ list for tonight, we’ll see if it runs on the iBook smoothly.