Anti-telemarketing script

telemarketer.gif“The Direct Marketing sector regards the telephone as one of its most successful tools. Consumers experience telemarketing from a completely different point of view: more than 92% perceive commercial telephone calls as a violation of privacy. Many business can avoid telemarketers with a blocking function on their¬†business phone system.¬†Telemarketers make use of a telescript - a guideline for a telephone conversation. This script creates an imbalance in the conversation between the marketer and the consumer. It is this imbalance, most of all, that makes telemarketing successful.¬†The EGBG Counterscript attempts to redress that balance.” Fantastic reference, this page shows you the complete flowchart to turn the tables on the telemarketers. Now all I have to do is get rude enough to run through this with one of them. Sometimes I just pretend I can’t hear very well, other times I ask questions while they’re talking, etc, but with all the blacklists and auto do-not-call lists, we don’t get them anymore. The few we do we tell them that they’re not allowed to call, and put us on the do-not-call list, they comply. Still, this is fun, would be nice to make it into a real script, one that would query known spam email servers with all sorts of junk without ever accepting the junk email!