Not much to say on this one, while it’s shame it closed, I sure am glad it opened; it changed a lot about rock, giving bands like Television, Talking Heads, Blonde and (of course) The Ramones, a captd4057441c1d54351bf19a6e974472ae4cbgbs_shutdown_nyr103.jpgfighting chance against Disco and Donnie and Marie. “_It was the final last call at CBGB last night. The legendary New York rock club closed its doors yesterday (Oct. 15), after Patti Smith played the venue’s final show. Smith, a veteran of the original CBGB scene that featured bands such as __The Ramones, Blondie and Television during their formative years, closed the _club down after it lost a protracted legal battle with its landlord over back and future rent. Bar owner Hilly Kristal, now 75, will pack up as manyramones_1977_cbgb.jpg_ memories as he can salvage from the venerable punk__ Mecca – including many of the walls and stage – and move the club to Las Vegas. He eyes a__ _2008 grand opening for CBGB’s new incarnation.” The New York Times has a good coverage of the last night, including shots of the inside of the bar, with a slideshow showing fans and staff watching the last show.