grinderman.jpgNick Cave has a new band that sounds much more like the degenerated blues of his early band, The Birthday Party (an old favorite of mine), but with more of almost a Stooges feel. Nick has formed Grinderman with Martyn Casey (of The Triffids), Warren Ellis (of The Dirty Three and The Bad Seeds) and Pat Sclavunous (of The Cramps). It seems that Nick will also play guitar in the band, which will their debut album out 05 March 2007, and play live at All Tomorrow’s Parties in the U.K. in April (which will also boast sets by The Dirty Three and Nick Cave solo). Having seen both bands multiple times, and seen Warren playing in Nick’s band before, I am really looking forward to them doing something different together. The first song, No Pussy Blues, is now streamable via their myspace page, or The Hype Machine, which starts with a dirge of a riff, that deconstructs into a noise fest in the middle and end. Damn, earmark this one for best of 2007 if the this is any indication of the album.