Download 'Linux Kernel in a Nutshell' for free

Linux Kernel in a NutshellI used to build new kernels in Linux all the time to bring new functionality into Linux, and all the use of any type of hardware. Nowadays most just use whatever kernel the comes with their distro, but it really is worth taking the time to build your own. It’s a lot to learn in the beginning, but after you get it it’s easy enough to script, using all the parameters from your .config on you system. Now you can download Linux Kernel in a Nutshell for free, so you can take it on yourself, and learn all the gory details. The author, Greg Kroah-Hartman, writes “If you want to know how to build, configure, and install a custom Linux kernel on your machine, buy this book. It is written by someone who spends every day building, configuring, and installing custom kernels as part of the development process of this fun, collaborative project called Linux. I’m especially proud of the chapter on how to figure out how to configure a custom kernel based on the hardware running on your machine. This is an essential task for anyone wanting to wring out the best possible speed and control of your hardware.” He goes on to say that the book is now free for download in order to give others the experience of compiling their own kernel to understand how easy it actually is to contribute to Linux. A little code here and there, patched into the kernel, and submitted for inclusion.