Bob Mould's hard drive crashes, contained new album!

Bob MouldAnd you were bummed when you lost your last years worth of email? Checkout this post from Bob Mould (Husker Du, Sugar, Bob Mould Band) on January 29: “Today, I’m off to see the data recovery people. My main external drive failed yesterday afternoon; yes, all the files for the new album are on the drive. It started making a clicking sound before crashing, so it could be any of a number of problems. I’m quite concerned, but all I can do is stay hopeful that the data can be retrieved. This is the second major setback in the past 5 months of working on the album.” Come on Bob, someone you know has to know how to backup harddrives…if you’re in a pinch shoot me an email and I’ll help you out (and perhaps upload a smoking Husker Du boot from 85!)