Johnny Marr and Morrissey still friends

Morrissey and Marr and a flowerFile under “That’s News To Me”, but apparently Johnny Marr and Morrissey are still friends, according to a recent Marr interview.  “Johnny Marr and Morrissey often “hang out” together but never talk about the Smiths, the legendary guitarist has revealed. The pair are known to have fallen out when the iconic indie group split 20 years ago, and were not thought to have made up. However, in a new interview, Marr reveals he has a decent relationship with Morrissey, although there appear to be no plans for them to work together again. “I still hang out with Morrissey from time to time and we talk about many things, but that subject never comes up,” explains Marr, who is now a member of Modest Mouse. “There’d be no good reason to discuss it Morrissey and Marrnow. All our lives have moved on. In positive and interesting ways, I’d like to think.“  That subject never comes up?  Come on now, how about last years’ “The Smiths were offered $5 million to play last year’s Coachella festival” deal that Morrissey spoke of?  While I’ve glad they’re not about the money, the pair were incredible together; would they be again?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but if songwriting didn’t work out they could always hold court somewhere and rip out the classics, many haven’t been heard in proper form live for over 20 years.