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Madonna in scuffle with Bloc Party road crew

. “To many Madonna is probably the most recognizable female face on earth, but apparently that is not the case with some members ofBritish band Bloc Party’s road crew. The singer of the indie band, Kele Okereke, described the “surreal” moment as the raunchy star responsible for “Holiday,” “Like A Virgin,” and “Vogue” tried to get backstage to meet them. Unfortunately for Madge, Bloc Party’s security officer–who clearly doesn’t know much about popular culture–got her in a headlock before escorting her out of the dressing room, while everyone looked on in stunned silence. The singer admitted that they could hear her in the corridor outside berating the guard and threatening to “kill” him.” Can you imagine her being dragged down the hallway yelling, “Do you know who I am, I’m going to kill you!” Oh boy, that’s some funny stuff. Sorry Madge, guess your indie cred doesn’t trickle down to the level of the latest brit-pop starlets’ road crew, better luck next time.