Glassbooth - how do you line up with the candidates?

DemocratsRepublicansYou owe it yourself, or me, to visit Glassbooth and fill out their survey. It’s all about politics, specifically how your thoughts line up with the current batch of candidates. Of course mine pull up to Dennis Kucinich, followed by Mike Gravel and John Edwards. Hills is fourth, with Obama a disappointing sixth. Once you have your results you can cross reference every candidate with every issue and get information about how they stand, what they’ve said and how they’ve voted on everything. Really a great site that has educated me far more than I expected. I’m a big Kucinich fan (heck, Willie supports him!) but I’ve never read so much about Gravel, he’s pretty damn impressive too. With all the candidates jockeying for position on the seemingly 100s of debates, it’s nice to have a resource to get some facts. There’s no third party candidates thought, but hey, it’s far more than what most American’s will know about the stances of the candidates on the issues. Everyone should register to vote, then become educated about things; if you don’t you can’t complain.