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Obama challenges Clinton to breakdancing duel

Ok, now to lighten the mood a bit after my prior post, apparently Obama has challenged Hillary to a breakdancing showdown, who saw this coming?  With Clinton could result in splintering the Democratic party. Apparently Barack is, “…planning to “turn the tables and take it old school. Bring your cardboard, woman, and that busted hair, because we are going to settle this with a break-off,” Obama told the crowd at a press conference in Reno. “Two dancers enter, one leaves.” […] “I’m way blacker than Obama,” an exasperated Clinton said.” There’s already bold predictions from each camps’ inner circle, “It’s a fascinating strategy, but I think B-Boy Barack is grossly underestimating the moves of Hillary,” noted political consultant James Carvel. “She has been known to pop and lock with the best of them, and nobody does a suicide better than H’dub.”  This should make the one on one debates far more entertaining…too bad Kucinich isn’t still in the race, I suspect he has some awesome moves.