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Arrested Development movie in the works?

Arrested Development

Wow, amazing news of late for people like me that are still laughing so hard it hurts while rewatching the Arrested Development DVDs, a movie deal is brewing. From a recent interview with Bluth family spokesperson…er, I mean Jason BatemanI can confirm that a round of sniffing has started,” Bateman says. “Any talk is targeting a poststrike situation, of course. I think, as always, that it’s a question of whether the people with the money are willing to give our leader, Mitch Hurwitz, what he deserves for his participation. And I can speak for the cast when I say our fingers are crossed.” Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tambor echo’d comments on a recent XM Radio appearance, “_I think we’re going to make a movie. I talked to [Arrested Development’s executive producer] Ron Howard and he hinted that there’s a push to get the movie made.” And not only did Jeffrey say he would jump at the chance to sign on, he also revealed one more member of his faux-family that was definitely in!” Producers and the execs behind it have ideas in mind for the flick as well, “_While there isn’t a script in place, Hurwitz reportedly has a strong idea of what he wants the movie to be. Even better, Universal seems to be interested in what he may have in mind.” That sounds like even more postitive news to me, since often ‘the buck stops here’ mentality will nix a good idea. Who knows, maybe we have another Futurama style comeback, if they could make 3 AR movies, and spin them off as ‘Season 4’ that’d be a co. It seems to have that feeling about it. “If the Arrested Development movie actually goes forward, it will be vindication not only for the cast of a beloved show that ended before its time, but for the devoted legion of fans who watched the show when it was on Fox, continue to obsessively watch the DVDs and make bizarre Arrested Development jokes to confused family members, co-workers and strangers. Not that I would know anything about that. Or chicken dances. Ca-Caw, Ca-Caw!