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Thanks for your anticipated action


From         Alfonzo Merrill bbpesq@aol.com Date        Feb 12, 2008 7:18 PM Subject        employment Dear

International company Web Electronic Industry is taking the candidates in the USA for the position of Local Agent. We are looking for the trustworthy person with excellent organizational and communicative skills. Good knowledge of computer and business relations practice will be your advantage. This is a part-time job which can be combined with any permanent or another part-time job. Average workload is up to 8 hours a week. No special experience is necessary. Excellent compensation package, the salary starts from $20,000 a year. If you got interested in our vacancy and you have any questions, please contact us !

And please know that Everything is  absolutely legal,that’s why You have to fill a contract! If you are  interested in our offer, please reply to the following email address: seminario416@yahoo.com ,Thanks for your anticipated action. And we hope to hear back from you. Regards, Mr Alex Brewster

I have a project that uses spam emails, I’ll be unveiling it as a stand alone web sites soon.  Of course Everything is absolutely legal.