Amy Winehouse had to cover up pin-up girl tattoo for Grammys

This is just silly, so apparently during her Grammy performace, Amy Winehouse was told to cover up exposed breasts…on one of her tattoos!  The reason given was that, “Grammy bosses were scared she’d offend US audiences” with her pin-up girl tattoo on her left upper arm.  Really, that Amy backstagewould have offended Americans? “The ‘Back to Black’ star used her trademark black eyeliner to disguise the breasts of a nude girl tattooed on her arm as she performed via satellite link from London at the Grammys. “Amy drew a little black bikini top on the large topless female tattoo on her arm, so as not to offend any of America’s puritanical viewers,” a source told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.” Now come on, I’m going to need to find another source on this, really, would any of you be offended if you saw a topless tattoo on tv?  I would think things like shootings, murders and adultry constantly protrayed on tv shows would be something to focus on rather than an ink drawing of some (giggle) boobies! (giggle, giggle)  Pla-lee-zz.