Refused live album forthcoming

Refused LiveSwedish band Refused is my all time favorite hardcore band, which ended after the release and abbreviated tour of their last album, the monumental, The Shape of Punk to Come - a CD permanently on the list of my all time fav records.  Word from the website is that Refused member David Sandström has dropped that a live cd will finally see the light of day this year.  “_This year will most likely give us a new REFUSED record! It’s their US label Epitaph that are planning to release a live album! The band had a meeting sometime ago regarding this and regarding their contract with Epitaph. David Sandström says: “…It was nice to meet again but it feels kind of surrealistic that new material will see the light _The Shape of Punk to Come_of day when we quit the band almost 10 years ago…” This is really great news and I will keep you updated about it as soon as I hear anything! Check this link for more info (only in Swedish):  Another thing to look forward to is the upcoming DAVID SANDSTRÖM _OVERDRIVE album. There will probably be a single released in February and the album will probably be out in March!” For anyone who has any sort of appreciation for hardcore, pick-up the aforementioned TSOPTC, or the earlier (and perhaps more representational of hardcore from a straightedge view) Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent, for primer; this is an important band, even 10 years after their demise.

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