HOWTO: conky config (conkyrc) for Debian Part 2

I changed around my Conky config, and it’s something you could do forever, but it’s great because it can be as heavy or light as you want it. Recently I dropped Gnome almost all together to run Openbox (full HOWTO on this forthcoming). I found a panel that will house things like nm-applet output, but was missing things like a simple clock, network activity, etc. So now, using most of the same code/look that I used here, I have a small, transparent strip at the bottom of the screen showing me time, date, proc, proc temp, network up, network down, and power status (battery, AC and the level of charge). It looks good, it’s light, it’s all I need. Nice to bring some of the memory requirements down from Gnome as well.

Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)

own_window true own_window_hints undecorated,below,skip_taskbar background no

Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)

double_buffer true

fiddle with window

use_spacer right use_xft true

Update interval in seconds

update_interval 3.0

Minimum size of text area

minimum_size 10000 5

Draw shades?

draw_shades yes

Text stuff

draw_outline no # amplifies text if yes draw_borders no uppercase no # set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase

Stippled borders?

stippled_borders 8

border margins

border_margin 1

border width

border_width 1

Default colors and also border colors, grey90 == #e5e5e5

default_color white default_shade_color black default_outline_color white own_window_colour brown own_window_transparent yes

Text alignment, other possible values are commented

#alignment top_left #alignment top_right alignment bottom_left #alignment bottom_right

Gap between borders of screen and text

gap_x 10 gap_y 5

stuff after ‘TEXT’ will be formatted on screen

override_utf8_locale no #xftfont Terminus:size=8 xftfont Terminus:size=10 xftalpha 0.8 #Mail:${color}${execi 300 python ~/scripts/} TEXT

${offset 0}${color }${time %H:%M} ${color slate grey}${time %Z }Date: ${color }${time %a, } ${time %e %B %G} ${offset 0} ${offset 0} ${color slate grey}Proc:${color} $cpu%${offset 5}${acpitemp}C${offset 5}${cpugraph 16,100 000000 ffffff} ${offset 0} ${color slate grey}Net:${offset 5}${color}Up:${upspeed wlan0}k/s${offset 5}${upspeedgraph wlan0 16,100 000000 ffffff}${offset 0} ${color}Dn:${downspeed wlan0}k/s${color}${offset 5}${downspeedgraph wlan0 16,100 000000 ffffff} ${color slate grey} Power:${offset 5}${color}${battery}

Try it, you might like it - I’ll keep working on it, I’m sure I’ll find more things to add/improve. Conky rocks.