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Install Ruby on Rails on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

[, first install the dependencies for good measure:

apt-get -y install ruby irb ri rdoc ruby1.8-dev build-essential

Then install rubygems and rails:

apt-get -y install rubygems rails

Yep, that was easy. Now create your first rails app to ensure things are working as they should be:

rails newrailsapp cd newrailsapp script/server

Then hit your server to see it live, hit it in your browser: Or, if you’re like me, you’re running it on a remote server, have it bind WEBrick to the IP that you use to access it, so in my case I quit out of WEBrick, and restarted it with:

script/server --binding=

And then hit it via Nice, so much easier than I remember it being. While I’m posting here, I’ll drop a few more links I want to follow, as if I use RoR on upcoming projects I’ll need to investigate as we scale to the clouds!

CouchDB with Rails

REST on Rails