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Equating Obama to Hitler is very dangerous!

I came across this image online, and I had to look into it to see if it was real or not.  After I did that I knew I had to bring more people’s attention to it.  Look, this is just too much, agree or disagree with our president, but equating him with Hitler destroys any chance of a reasonable conversation of the issue. The URL on the pamphlet is a real website for the LaRouche PAC, so I hit their site, and read many of their beliefs and press releases. Among other things, heir site promotes bringing swastikas and using SS symbols at anti-Health Care rallies, and states “…the proposed legislation which is an exact copy of the legislation for which the Hitler regime was condemned”  I don’t think I should be giving this insanity too much attention, but just read a bit more of what this person is calling for (emphasis mine):

“President Obama is now impeachable, because he has, in effect, proposed legislation which is an exact copy of the legislation for which the Hitler regime was condemned in the post-war trials.

The President’s promotion of this “T-4” as the non-negotiable element of his package is really a Nuremberg crime, LaRouche continued, and that becomes a basis for rallying the forces for defeating this thing, proving that this is a “T-4” fascist program. It’s really an act of treason against the General Welfare clause of the Constitution.

Therefore, LaRouche stated, we have got to beat this thing now, because that represents a strategic forcing mechanism; whereas if they ram this thing through in the short term, which they are really desperate to do, then the Constitution is finished, the Republic is gone. It’s the equivalent of the Reichstag fire.

Can someone please tell me this is a satirical site like The Onion because this is very scary stuff.  Again, agree or disagree with President Obama, but try to do what I did when I opposed many of Bush’s ideas, promote better ideas.  Simply trying to whip up fever by bringing Nazi and Hitler comparisons will not bode well for your cause, and at worse it may lead to the kind of violence that we fought a World War to stop years ago.  THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE!