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Best music of 2010

As always, this was a big music year for me, while attending less live shows I think I’ve bought and listened to more music to (sort of) make up for it. I’m also enjoying the home stereo even more now with my early 70s McIntosh MA-6100 pre-amp/amp, and now even some respectable headphones for work, the Grado SR60i. This year bands introduced via Twitter from other music freaks have greatly helped diversify my palate. I can highly recommend the following for this: @captainsdead, @truersound and @somevelvetblog. (if have other suggestions, leave them in the comments!) So here are the releases that I spent the most time with in 2010, each with a track from each release for you to hear/sample. Leave me feedback as to how my tastes compare to yours, as well as anything I may have missed. Finally, as always with music, see the bands when you can and buy locally, buy often.