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Mogwai 'Mexican Grand Prix' (video)

UPDATE: from now until Feb 15 you can stream the new cd from Rolling Stone, I’m liking it so far, natch!

While I haven’t seen Mogwai live since I lived in Austin, I’ve been a big fan for many years and by looking at my Last.fm profile, it’s clear that I’ve spent many hours at work trying to figure out some strange server issue, while their droning feedback played in my headphones. After the awesome live release from last year, I’m really looking forward to their next studio effort. Of course the fact that the title of the new disc is Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will only makes things better; could there be a better title? (and yes, that’s a rhetorical question) I found the video for the next single on Pitchfork, and it’s one of those that really makes me appreciate the fact that some are making really interesting pieces to accompany the music. It was directed by Danny McConnell, who apparently also shot the vid for their other singleĀ _Rano Pano. _While I haven’t seen that one, I really appreciate this one and wonder how much of a pain it was to make. So here they are, Mogwai, with Mexican Grand Prix.