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Best music of 2012

Another year of fun discovering new toons, what’s not to like? This year took on a more guitar friendly indie sound than past years, a trend I fully support. While there are some comebacks there are more than a few new entries, which again, is that discovery that keeps me going. If I had to pick one disk that I listened to most it’d probably be Swearin’, the fine outfit from Brooklyn that I got to see open for the Japandroids this year; what a fun, unexpected bunch of songs. Meanwhile Tame Impala came back with a monster of a sophomore release, proving Innerspeaker was no fluke. Special notice to Future Of The Left, with a record that makes me think back to early Brainiac, which is always a good thing. With that, here are my picks for the best music of 2012.

Cloud Nothings “Attack On Memory”

 Deep Sea Diver “History Speaks”

Father John Misty “Fear Fun”

Four Tet “Pink”

Future of the Left “The Plot Against Common Sense”

The Hives “Lex Hives”

Japandroids “Celebration Rock”

The Shins “Port of Morrow”

Sleigh Bells “Reign of Terror”

Spiritualized “Sweet Heart Sweet Light”

Swearin’ “Swearin’”

Tame Impala “Lonerism”

Rufus Wainwright “Out Of The Game”