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Vote for your top 10 albums of 1986

Alright, this is just a fun post, try to pick your top 10 albums from 1986. This was very difficult for me as it was an amazing year for music as well as a pivotal time in my life (I was 17). I remember buying the They Might Be Giants debut on vinyl (still have it) after seeing their videos on 120 Minutes (which started in 1986 and was an amazing resource for new music back then). After picking it up a Vintage Vinyl, I immediately took it to a friend’s house to have it recorded to cassette. I’d put The Smiths ‘Queen is Dead’ up there as the best (of the year, of all of their releases and of all time) and while I understand limiting compilations, no ‘Standing on a Beach’? I have probably listened to that album more than any on this list! So go and take the poll yourself here. My list goes like this:

  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 'Your Funeral... My Trial'
  • The Cure, 'Standing on a Beach' (write in, not a choice because it's a compilation, but COME ON!)
  • Depeche Mode, 'Black Celebration'
  • The Feelies, 'The Good Earth'
  • R.E.M., 'Lifes Rich Pageant'
  • The Smithereens, 'Especially For You'
  • The Smiths, 'The Queen is Dead'
  • Sonic Youth, 'Evol'
  • Spacemen 3, 'Sound of Confusion'
  • They Might Be Giants, 'They Might Be Giants'