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Quickly Setup a Decent Vimrc

I’m on new servers pretty often, and usually their vim configuration is quite lacking, I mean, come on /etc/skel can only get you so far these days.. While I have my .vimrc out there, copying it down fails because I don’t have the right version of vim installed, plus I’m missing plugins and other goofy stuff I call out that should be in my $HOME/.vim directory. So, here’s a start to get me rolling on a new server with a decent, basic vimrc setup so I can get to work. I’ll update this as I go, and once I have it ready I’ll redo my deploy scripts to run Ansible to properly “get the game started” (Slackware reference for my old timers out there!). Until then, this will do:


# in Debian based GNU/Linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Kali...)
# TODO make a conditional to cover other distros
sudo apt install vim

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/amix/vimrc.git ~/.vim_runtime

sh ~/.vim_runtime/install_basic_vimrc.sh

exit 0