School spies on student, busts him for...eating candy

[caption id=“attachment_2112” align=“alignright” width=“358” caption=“Prototype of the school’s proposed catcam 3000”][/caption] **UPDATE: **it looks like this case has been settled, Pennsylvania school settles laptop webcam spying suits for $610,000 -but- Less than a third of that will go to the students. “A total of $185,000 will be put in trust for the students. Their lawyer will receive $425,000.” ** **_Today fak3r from fak3r.com_ and Matt from are working together to bring you a multi-perspective piece on internet security.

No downtime for online free speech

EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation In a statement today, EFF reminds online service providers to stand firm against alleged terms of use violations that are used to bully and silience online critisims. We only need to look at EFF’s work with the MIT students at Defcon, and the fact that so many ISPs are now filterning previous unfettered access to Usenet newsgroups to know that these tactics are alive and used to push debate offline and away from the limelight.