HOWTO monitor Tomcat with monit and munin in Debian

I have an existing Tomcat installation in production that has been running hot and causing monit to send me notices that such and such service is down, only to come back clear on the next run. Of course since I use monit I can see that the service was never restarted, plus I’ve never had this happen on other servers with monit, so I’m convinced that Tomcat, with its hunger for Java, is the culrprit here.

HOWTO: install Fedora-commons repository software on Debian

So I’ve been using Fedora-commons for almost a year, first off, no it is NOT the Linux distribution, it is a digital repository used by libraries, museums, etc, worldwide to keep track of their digital collections. For this Fedora-commons is very good at its job, but there was a steep learning curve when I first jumped in with, a complaint I’ve heard repeated by many who aren’t Java jockeys (just made that up).