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Password deficiency in the workplace

So we’re implementing some new sort of change and bug tracking software where I work, no it’s not replacing the old one, it’s just wrapping the old one in yet more lovely red tape. So we have a meeting to discuss how this is going to work with an overly complicated Visio flowchart showing every single step a change and bug will take as it moves along (including where we would manually need to list what bug # it translates to devs on their own) So in the meeting the QA lady in charge of setting up the software as well as the rules about how it’s to be used mentions; “Well, there’s a password, it’s not a really good password, and it’s the same for everybody (hehe)” Yeah, she said that…and then laughed. So they’re deploying some big assed proprietary software to do stuff that could be done with free/open souced software with someone in charge that could actually use software and be able to support it themselves, and then they’re not even going to the trouble of setting up passwords right? Nice. But hey, the time tracking software to record work hours is set up in a similar manner (same password for everyone), whereas the current bug tracking system is a bit better; the passwords are always the users’ last name. Ah yes, working in the big corporate world, plenty of cash for software, plenty of time for meetings (to plan other meetings). It’s not the 53 person crew of my last gig, that’s for sure.