I am a hacker, open source technologist at-large, sometimes writer and speaker. I’ve been honored to speak at infosec conferences like DEF CON, DerbyCon, BsidesLV, SecureWorld and SEMAFOR (ISACA Warsaw Chapter). I am an active member of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), I lead and moderate discussions about electronic rights and civil liberties while educating users how their data is used by companies without their knowledge; things that are ‘free’ online, actually aren’t free. In fact, most of my research over the past few years has focused more on companies weaknesses in protecting customer’s data, and their failures in keeping that data private. Speaking engagements on earlier work dealth with system architecture in the global biodiversity realm, and slides of those are available on my Slideshare account.

With over fifteen years experience with Linux and open source software, I know there’s always another way to do it, so I’m constantly learning new techniques to solve technical challenges. I usually do this by hacking on my home servers, then blogging about my results here. So my blog has always served as a testing ground, and a place to organize my thoughts while allowing feedback for others, and myself to build off. I participate in open source development, and release all code I write on GitHub. I listen to music constantly, hold a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, am a practicing troublemaker and an accidental tourist. In general, I like to keep it real. You can reach me in a number of ways, see the Contact page for details.


This site started as a place for me to record my thoughts/rants, talk about music I like, but mostly write about Linux and open source solutions I’ve discovered or created. The name was a sarcastic commentary on the lack of anonymity online, which has become somthing I’ve been trying to improve. This site dates from 2005, and has been run on a number of different CMS platforms. From PHP Nuke, Typo, Drupal, Wordpress, Octopress, Jekyll, Hexo and now hugo. In leaving Wordpress I took the big leap of migrating all of my (then) 491 posts into Markdown. Now I can move them anywhere since they’ve broken free of the database. I consider it future-proofing my blog.


  Vultr (affilate link) high performance SSD cloud servers available in 15 cities worldwide
  Gandi a French company providing domain name registration, SSL certificates and web hosting
  Dyn an Internet performance company, offering domain registration services and DNS
  Github hosted git for source control, in an open and collaborative environment
  OpenBSD a multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system that emphasizes portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography
  OpenSSH a suite of security-related network-level utilities based on the SSH protocol (from the OpenBSD project)
  Hugo a fast and modern static website engine built in GoLang, with the Blackburn theme
  Gimp a free and open-source raster graphics editor used for image editing
  nginx an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP proxy server
  Vim a text editor that seeks to provide the power of the Unix editor with a more complete feature set

Causes I support

TOR      Americans United for Separation of Church and State

="EFF"      Muckrock

Planned Parenthood      HRC