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Zimbra build script released

Here’s my first swing at a hacked together build script to download, build, compile and install the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. If you haven’t been hip to it, Zimbra just kinda appeared out of nowhere, with a pretty nice email/cal webapp that has all the AJAX goodness you could hope for, with true drag and drop, pop up balloons, live searching and more. They have a demo you can play with here, and it’s worth checking out, just to see what’s up. For now my focus for day to day is still on the Hula Project, but to play with Zimbra I needed to hack a script together just so I could get this built on a ‘normal’ Linux distro (in this case my old server, jorge running Gentoo), and not Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora as they had released. I’ve already sent the script to a Zimbra dev, as well as a Ubuntu hacker for testing, so we’ll go from there. First impressions are that it’s a really nice, all in one email/cal server/app presentation. Unlike Hula controling everything, Zimbra is more of a LAMP application, so it will be interesting to see where they place this in terms of how well it could scale in an enterprise environment.