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New phisher site to fight!

I just got another PayPal phishing email, as always they include a link to ‘login’ to ‘PayPal’ to verify something or another in an effort to learn your username and password. Of course MailScanner tagged the bogus URL within the HTML, and SpamAssasin (this time Razor2) found that it was spam from content and a DCC (distributed checksum clearinghouse) list, so I really couldn’t accidentally fall for the scam, but after a good defense we need a good offense; it’s time to fight back. I currently have 6 Firefox tabs open on PhishFighting.com to pollute the phishers database with phony usernames and passwords. The goal, as I’ve stated before is to flood the phishers database making it unusable, and possibly saving some who have fallen for it by putting so much noise around legit data that they’re not used. Want to help? Open a new browser window, and center click on this PhishFighting.com link that already has the bogus URL link that already has the bogus URL information listed. Looking at the totals on my other window I’m over 300 phony usernames and passwords, and I plan to leave it running all day.