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Yes, I will have another

I’m always seeing reports that basically state the same thing; moderate drinking is good for you, but now we also learn that it can may lower risk of becoming obese! So while past reports have touted decreased chance of heart disease and high blood pressure, today’s report states that, “…new research suggests it may also help you stay svelte. Regular drinkers who consume one or two drinks a few times a week are less likely to be obese compared with people who do not drink” with the obvious disclaimer, “However, having four or more drinks per day increases the risk of being obese by 46 percent, researchers report.” So there’s another reason that it’s not only OK, but perhaps benificial in many ways for you to have a few beers at night after a (boring) day at work. So in the words of James Rohrer, from the department of family medicine at the Mayo Clinic, “Moderation is the best policy,” he says. “Moderate drinking is probably a reasonably healthy behavior. We cannot show any benefits from the complete abstention from alcohol.” Bottoms up.