Banana thefts increasing

bananasThere’s trouble going down in Oahu as the frequency of banana thefts is increasing, to the chagrin of local authorites. ”Kailua police are looking into a flurry of banana thefts within the last several weeks at Windward Oahu farms. Though agricultural thefts happen often, investigators said thefts at banana farms in particular have escalated from two to three incidents a month to two to three a week so far this month.” Scary, and apparently these guys are pros as in a seized truck besides the bananas ”…they even had commercial boxes like you see in the store that have the word ‘bananas’ printed on the side.” Damn, what will they think of next? Maybe some little oval stickers to put on the bananas? In another case, ”The suspects … got away. … We think they were hiding in the bushes at some point but fled and left the bananas in the truck,” McCarthy said.” Those damn bushes better realize that being an accessory to banana stealing isn’t gonna look good down the road, if they’re not careful that Dog the Bounty Hunter dude is gonna come down on them like a hammer. So while it’s not unusual for the banana crime rings to go on, apparently the frequency is setting off alarms at the station house, where head scratching is the new craze. ”Police said banana thieves usually sell their stolen produce to retailers who are unaware that they are buying stolen goods. McCarthy said he has never seen banana thefts occur with such frequency. “They get hit steadily but it’s really picked up,” he said. “I’ve never seen it spike like this.” Good thing we’re at the ‘Yellow Terror Alert’! (sorry)