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Flaming Lips take on Bohemian Rhapsody

Update: there is video of this available here and here

Wow, here’s a track of The Flaming Lips covering Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at SXSW 2006 [when the mp3 link goes dead, look for it via Google. With lyrics like, “…Is this the real life / Is this just fantasy / Caught in a landslide / No escape from reality / Open your eyes / Look up to the skies and see / I’m just a poor boy,i need no sympathy…” it’s a perfect selection for them. I was stuck on The Soft Bulletin for a long time, probably because we saw them four times on that tour in Austin, but fell out on the last release. Here’s hoping for a return to form on the new one, but regardless, I’d love to see their live circus again anytime they come to town, just so fun. Did I mention lately that I’m sick over missing SXSW again? Need more songs!