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Web advertising crosses the line

What the hell is happening to us? ”Web Hosting Provider to Sponsor Child Birth - Website hosting company, Globat.com, will be sponsoring the birth of a baby girl to be named Samiah Wynn Francis. The expectant mother, Asia Francis, is a 21-year-old resident of St. Louis, Missouri. According to Globat.com, Ms. Francis, along with medical staff and other people present at the birth, will be wearing Globat.com T-shirts and hats throughout the delivery. The delivering mother will also have a temporary Globat.com tattoo. The birth will be videotaped and choice segments will be available online at: www.defyinggravity.com within two weeks of the birth. Ms. Francis commented on the news, ”Who says being pregnant can’t be fun? We are looking forward to our big event, the birth of our first child, and what better way is there to let her know how happy we are to welcome her into the world than by sharing it with Globat.com, her birth sponsor. We look forward to adding them to her baby book.” Ben R. Neumann, President and CEO of Globat.com added, ”The opportunity to sponsor the birth of a child was simply too exciting to pass up and all of us at Globat are truly thrilled to be a part of this awesome journey. This is certainly a rare event, and mom has informed us that the sponsorship money will be put to good use with the added financial strain of raising little Samiah.” Globat.com is launching a wave of similarly unique sponsorships and events under the banner of ‘Defying Gravity’ in pursuit of its goal to place at least one edgy event in every state of the U.S.