Mac Mini doing fast OS switching

Mac MiniWowser, here’s vid of a Mac mini Duo, doing some fast OS switching. It’s running OS X with Parallels and Virtue Desktops which allows it to run Windows XP and Red Hat 4 ES all at the same time. The switching between the 3 OSs uses the ‘cube effect’ just like the fast user switching of OS X, and looks to be just as swift. I think that’s about all I need to see, if I can have a Mac Mini Duo running a triple boot like that, I think I’ll be all set (for a few weeks).

UPDATE: it looks like it would only cost an additional about 78$ for a 512Meg RAM chip to bring this puppy up to 1G total. OS X seems to ‘need’ at least 1G RAM in my experience, plus this would be way more than enough to run a few OSs at once, or at least the ones I need; OS X and Linux. Looking around it seems that replacing the RAM is quite the adventure! Time to find my tweezers.