Linus interviewed on CNN

Linus TorvaldsThere’s a nice interview with Linus Torvalds over at CNN, looks like it’s going to be on the air at 03:30 ET Saturday, and 07:30 ET Sunday. Not too indepth, but gives a good update to what he’s been doing. My favorite quote is about meetings, which I think are just as big of a waste of time as Linus, ”CNN: So the face to face thing is a little bit overrated? Linus: I think so. For example I long ago decided I will never go to meetings again because I think face to face meetings are the biggest waste of time you can ever have. I think most people who work at offices must share my opinion on meetings. Nothing ever gets done. When things get done, you usually have someone come into your office to talk about it. But a lot of the time the real work gets done by people sitting, especially in programming, alone in front of their computers doing what they do best.” He knows what he’s talking about and he’s usually at least as outspoken. To that end there’s a great compilation of Linus quotes out there to puruse.