My music at work

Sonny RollinsMarketing, it’s pretty pervasive, and with the ‘we noticed you bought this, so we thought you’d be interested in buying this’ routine it’s very personalized now. So today I’m working on a ton of source file conversions; moving files from here to there, running a Perl script over and over, cutting/pasting converted files out…and repeat. It’s a task waiting for a ‘while true do’ loop, but it won’t work like that. Anyway, so it’s a perfect day for me to get into some mid-late bebop era Jazz that I can’t get enough of, so I’m listening to Sonny Rollins’ 1966 The Bridge; a more mellow (well at least mid-tempo) Rollins release featuring a sweet little quartet working it out. I see a new email on my home account, so I check it out, from the subject I see it’s an automated email trying to get me to buy something, but when I open it, it’s an offer to pre-order a new Sonny Rollins CD, Milestone Profile. It appears to be a double CD of material he’s released via the Milestone label from 1966-2006. Anyway, just thought that was pretty cool. Now playing, Sonny Rollins Plus 4 (but not the SACD version that is pictured…hmmm)