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Stop aktion

I love that people have so much more creative options these days, what with things like digital cameras, and easy apps like iPhoto and iMovie to exploit for artistic reasons. Here’s a great short film about nothing in particular, but it’s a stop action film built out of 580 digital images, all glued together and audio-fied with iMovie. It’s obviously a DIY project, and it’s really fun, she calls it et cetera. Damn, makes me wish I had more time to do my art; I’ve always thought of things to do with a digital camera to later blow up and interate into a painting, but I’ve never thought of anything like this. Ah, to be young and have time. From the comments we learn that she used to live in Austin, and then find link to a similar project by someone else; a larger, more professional project, made from 2000 digital images. That one makes me want to live in NYC, nicely done.