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Cell customers want simple phones: survey

; make simple phones that are easy to use, drop the idea of making some all-in-one camera, instantmessanger, emailchecker, websurfer, gamesystem and just give me a phone to call home with. ”Most cell phone customers don’t use the camera, email, or gaming options offered by their wireless providers. According a survey by JD Power and Associates, most are satisfied when they can simply place a call efficiently. The organization surveyed 18,740 wireless users who’ve had their current cell phone for less than two years. While overall satisfaction was up four per cent from 2005, most people said that the physical design of their phones and the ease-of-use are the most important factors for positive user experiences. “As more services are added to mobile phones, the ability to navigate the handset in an easy and straightforward manner becomes paramount,” says Kirk Parsons, senior director of wireless services at J.D. Power and Associates. Despite the endless ads pushing us to use our phones for everything from playing games to snapping photos, only 19 per cent of people say they use the camera on their mobile and a mere 16 per cent opt to play.” I can currently play games, check the web, download a ton of crap, AIM with friends and more on my two year old handset, but the UI sucks for dialing, and it’s too small to use for any length of time. I’m ready for something better and simplier; enough of these “Where you at?” ads.