Hello (again) world

FreeBSD's BeastieAre you like me, do you like to roll with the changes? Well I have, as you can see, with a move to Wordpress from the cool, but unstable Typo. My Typo experience was a blast, but honestly I just don’t have the time to babysit a webapp running on my server (which I’m already looking after) that seemed to prefer to bomb out than work more often than not. So, welcome to fak3r.com - the WordPress edition. Migration of articles was a snap, I just had to set the number of articles the RSS feed would generate in Typo to 750 (funny thing was when I tried to do this in the Admin section it bombed with ‘Application Error (Rails)’ so I had to go into the DB by hand and tune it), save the feed.xml file and then import it via WP’s RSS importer. All of the articles, along with the categories, came right over. The only thing is the comments, importing the comments RSS feed from Typo just puts them all in as other articles, not good. So, for now, no comments were transfered, but I’ll keep working on it. I could tell you more but hey, let’s just move on; I’m happy enough to be able to post again!