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Andrew Bird

I’m a big fan of Andrew Bird, his songs seem to grow organically while they progress, and this holds true live when you realize how he makes his music.  Starting with a gentle plucking of his violin played into a sampler, he’ll loop that in real time, perhaps bow the violin for a bit, sample, loop that, then on to the guitar and proceed to sing and whistle the rest of the song.  It’s just him and Martin Dosh  on drums, and that’s all that he needs to realize his art.  If you haven’t heard anything by him, give him a listen below, or listen to his last cd, streamed by Righteous Babe.  He’s going back on tour soon, so catch him if you can.

“A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left” [audio:http://ekonomiskmgmt.com/audio/andrew_bird/Nervous_Tic.mp3]

“Sovay” [audio:http://ekonomiskmgmt.com/audio/andrew_bird/Sovay.mp3]

“Master Fade” [audio:http://ekonomiskmgmt.com/audio/andrew_bird/master_fade.mp3]