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Green tea reduces risk of early death


Meanwhile, Dr. Saverio Bettuzzi from the University of Parma in Italy reveals his study that showed that, “after a year, only 1 man among 32 in the GTC (green tea catechins) group developed prostate cancer, a rate of only 3 percent. In contrast, 9 out of 30 men treated with placebo developed prostate cancer, for the expected rate of 30 percent. The investigator performed a trial involving men with high-grade PIN, who were given an inactive placebo preparation or one containing 600 milligrams of GTCs daily, “equivalent to 12-15 cups of green tea infusion, that is about two times the average intake in Asian countries.” “To our knowledge, this is the first study showing that GTCs have potent in vivo chemoprevention activity for human prostate cancer,” Bettuzzi noted. “There are other studies strongly suggesting that similar results could be obtained for prevention of other types of cancer. As a matter of fact, breast and colon cancer are possible targets. In the near future, we are supposed to start a collaborative trial involving both Italy and USA on this matter,” Bettuzzi concluded.” And yes, I’ve already drank 2 cups of green tea this morning!