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I dig The Diggs

Been hipped to the band The Diggs of late, after extensive mp3 blog surfing led me to get to know them (being bored at work has it’s benefits). It’s what I’ve been looking for lately, and I highly recommend them. Haven’t found anything like this recently, you know, the newer/indie/shoegazey (mbv ) stuff with the blend of Broken Social Scene-age, and from a trio to boot. The live pic below is from their Northsix show, from just a scant few days ago in Brooklyn. Listen to two tracks from their second effort, named Commute, below.

Everyone’s starting over (alt link) [audio:http://www.ezarchive.com/blipold/AlbumSpace/6ZS1ODGKYZ/The+Diggs+-+Everyone*27s+Starting+Over.mp3]

Faith in Strangers [audio:http://centralvillage.blogs.com/cv/files/The_Diggs_Commute_4_Faith_in_Strangers.mp3]